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What if . . .?

What if . . .?


That question lies at the heart of my writing and my life.  Things are not always as they seem, and there is so much we don't yet know.

I write to explore possibilities and to invite you between the worlds, beyond the bounds of time . . .

In both my fiction and non fiction writing, I explore  possibility. Whether creating  alternative worlds  or exploring creative alternatives for this world in which we live, I am inspired by magic, mystery, and the spirit that is indwelling in all things.

Daughters of Time


An historical novel that asks “What if . . .?”

What if Abraham, father of the three faiths, had conceived a child with a priestess before the fall of ancient Sumer?

What if the child’s descendants were prophesied to carry balance through two millennia to the present day?

What if an ancient prophecy can save the World?

Lili, an archaeologist, receives a mysterious parcel containing an ancient stone tablet. She can read the writing on the tablet, but she doesn’t believe in prophecies, and she only pursues it to relieve a deepening sense of boredom and meaninglessness. She meets Paula, an environmental scientist passionate about saving the World, and Lili is inspired to follow the trail of the stolen tablet to the Middle East. It leads them to Haleli, a sociologist who has her own plans to save the World.

Lili and Paula uncover ancient mysteries, flee from islamists, and encounter an old woman who may have been alive for four thousand years. They risk everything to follow the prophecy and restore the balance.

This historical novel is interwoven with archaeological, historical, and mythological details that reveal the ancient world. Follow the line of daughters through ancient Sumer, Egypt, and Jerusalem, and into the modern world.

Walk through 4000 years of history with daughters of an ancient lineage as they carry the memory of the goddess through time and across continents to the present day where three women come together to save the world from environmental catastrophe.
















Readers’ comments:


Across a 4,000 year line of descent, an epic struggle arises to restore balance to a world gone awry... Weaving ancient Sumerian myth and legend into a modern story of intrigue and mystery, Kaalii Cargill brings to life an epic struggle across four millennia. Myth becomes strength, tales held and transferred through the years as a counterweight to written history, to arise in a time of need. In the end, Cargill creates a strong message of empowerment through a fascinating set of characters compelled always to move, but never to forget, handing down their message from mothers to daughters -- the Daughters of Time. W.B. Hafford, University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, author of Archaeology in the digital age: creating an online research tool for the ancient city of Ur.


I absolutely LOVED this book! It soothed me on SO many levels - and confirmed many of my thoughts and memories. The history and daily life of the Priestesses, the strong link of the mother-daughter lineage down through time, the sacredness of our daily lives and the celebration of our own sacredness as women and the temple of our female body. A rip-roaring mystery yarn as well - while the author called it fiction, I believe the truth was jumping off the page in many places as chills ran up and down my spine. Maree Lipschitz, Director/Facilitator/Coach at The Midlife Midwife; Senior Leader/Cofounder of 'Pathways into Womanhood' Teenage Girls program at Pathways Foundation Ltd.


Reading 'Daughters of Time' by Kaalii Cargill was an experience like no other. I felt like I was able to put names and faces to times and places. Reading this book was an intersting and exciting way to enagage with our Herstory. Jane Hardwicke Collings, author of Becoming a Woman: A Guide for Girls Approaching Menstruation, and Thirteen Moons: A Cycle Charting Handbook and Journal. 


Kaalii Cargill is one very smart writer. The depth of Daughters of Time is astounding as an ancient mystery unfolds and unfolds while moving back and forth through time. It is a story of an ancient prophecy, a forgotten bloodline that continues to exist into the present and a secret that is passed down through time. Christos Morris, author of Digging at the Crossroads of Time


 The Element Series


The Element Series is a fantasy trilogy set in Tanar Ynsur, a land beset by deadly conflict between the Archpriests and the Wardens. Bound to the land, hunted by the Archpiests, the remaining Wardens have taken refuge in a hidden valley.  Their only hope lies in a prophecy foretelling the coming of four Wardens to stand for the elements of Aer, Igni, Aqua and Terra. Have the four survived the Archpriests' purges? Will they come in time to save the Old Ways and the land?

The three books in The Element Series:

The Wanderer's Heir

The Gathering

The Return

best fantasy, kaalii cargill, writing
best fantasy, Kaalii Cargill, writing

The Wanderer's Heir


When his village is destroyed by the Archpriest's Guardsmen, twelve-year-old Karrar reluctantly joins a gathering of Wardens working with elemental magic to save the land of Tanar Ynsur. One of the ancient Wardens is known as The Wanderer; Karrar is the Wanderer’s Heir, but he has serious doubts about living up to his heritage.

Against them stand the Archpriests, led by Berregan. Charismatic and ruthless, Berregan terrorises Tanar Ynsur with an Inquisition to find heretics and destroy the Wardens.

When Karrar is eighteen, he and his fellow Wardens infiltrate the Archpriests’ cities as tutors, healers, and scribes. Karrar works as a tutor for Berregan’s daughter in Amredon. Twelve-year-old Hanika is lonely, wilful, and surprisingly gifted in Wardenskills. A friendship develops, and when Karrar leaves the city, Hanika follows. She meets an ancient Guardian, befriends a shape-changing  creature, and crosses the Great Plains to rejoin Karrar.

They see a Warden burned as a heretic and witness her restoration as a child of Igni (fire). Karrar discovers his heritage as a child of Aer (air), and Hanika accepts her Warden birthright as a child of Terra (earth). Two Warden boys stand for the fourth element, Aqua (water).

Archpriest Berregan prepares his secret weapon, forged by black magic and elemental evil. The young Wardens hone their mastery of the elemental mysteries to hold against the malevolent power . . .

Continued in The Gathering, Book Two of The Element Series




The Gathering


Gathering in the monastery city of Corboda, the Wardens continue to develop their mastery of the elemental magic prophesied to overcome the evil power of the Archpriests. Karrar and Hanika stand as elemental Wardens in the Circle.

Dina, a Warden working as a Healer in the South, is taken by the Archpriests for questioning. She is saved by a group of Penjelajah, nomadic people from the Western lands. As they cross the mountains to Corboda, Dina is taken by the Elvaren, an ancient race who live there in hiding. Surety for the safe passage of the others, Dina is welcomed by the Elvaren, from whom she learns the ancient story of Tanar Ynsur, including the origins of her own people and the conflicts that resulted in the Wars of Power many centuries before. She also learns that the Elvaren are kin to the Malefici, who were exiled after the Wars for the evil use of elemental magic. The Elvaren caverns are destroyed by the Malefici, and Dina is saved by Aquilan, a rebel Malefici who is bound to Dina by ancient vows of kinship.  They cross the mountains to join the Wardens gathering at Corboda, and Aquilan helps to strengthen the elemental magic of the Circle.

The tortures of the inquisition horrify Balenor, youngest son of Berregan. Balenor abandons his position to save two heretics from his father’s Inquisition, leaving him no choice but to join the Wardens at Corboda. The Penjelajah and the Clansfolk from the Great Plains also join the gathering, and the monastery city becomes the focus of Archpriest Berregan’s attack.

Can the Wardens hold the elemental power to sustain the Circle against Berregan's black magic? What is the terrible secret behind the Archpriest's power?


Continued in The Return, book three of The Element Series

best fantasy, Kaalii Cargill, writing
The Return


Desperate to find help in their fight against the Archpriests, Karrar and Hanika travel West. At Karrar’s insistence, his beloved Akira, pregnant with their child,  remains in the mountains with the Elvaren.

Karrar disappears while crossing the Borderlands, leaving Hanika distraught. 

​He has been taken by the Malefici and endures an ancient initiation that leaves him broken and stripped of identity.

Akira leaves the Elvaren refuge to find Karrar. She discovers a hidden settlement of Draconuli--wyvern in the common tongue--concealed by magic in the sand and rocks of the Borderlands. The Draconuli guide Akira to engage a quest that follows the steps of a Malefici ritual. She bravely journeys through the seven gates of the Netherworld.

In the hidden valley of the Wardens, Mikel is restless; he longs to join his friends fighting the Archpriests. When the valley is attacked, Mikel breaks a basic law and uses Wardenpower to kill. He leaves the valley in search of Karrar and the others.

The Wardens develop the elemental mastery of killing power and prepare to return and fight for Tanar Ynsur. The Malefici openly join the battle against them, and Hanika faces a final confrontation with Berregan.

Will the Wardens survive the combined strength of Malefici and Archpriests? Can life be restored to the Land?  The final, breathtaking battle for Tanar Ynsur . . .

Don't Take It Lying Down

a guidebook for women in the new era


What if things are not as they seem? 

What if we have been conditioned to believe certain truths that are simply the product of the time and place in which we live?


What if we don't take it lying down?
- a non-fiction book based on the author's Phd research in consciousness and the mindbody relationship


Like discovering a secret that will change your life

Readers’ Comments:


Dr Cargill has demonstrated courage and ingenuity in going outside established academic models, paradigms, and expectations of what constitute accepted issues for research and has come up with some very creative ways of analysing her unusual data . . .I find her topic fascinating and of enormous importance. Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD, author of Birth as an American Rite of Passage.


Dr Cargill's work is a contribution toward the study of phenomena that merit attention, both because of their intrinsic interest and their relevance to women's lives . . .I want to congratulate her on the courage and innovativeness of her enquiry. Dr Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade: Our history, our future.


This is a book every woman should read who wants to reconnect with her innate body wisdom and female power. It provides practical tools to enhance body awareness and strengthen the conscious mindbody communication backed up by scientific evidence. The author, Dr. Kaalii Cargill, shares her extensive work as a psychotherapist and personal experience which not only makes it a very informative but also a very inspirational, relatable read. Dr Alexandra Bloch-Atefi, psychotherapist – ‘Connecting Mind Body Breath’.


I savoured the last chapter and cherished the craftsmanship of the words and the ruthless clarity of the wonderful mind that tied up all the threads and trails of thought. It really is an extraordinary book. Mary Coughlan, artist.


Tapestry of Dark and Light
Book One of the Warrior Queen Chronicles



Book One of The Warrior Queen Chronicles, the fantasy trilogy based on Kellianna's much loved song, Warrior Queen (Lady Moon album). Tapestry of Dark and Light follows Llianna from birth to her trial as a sorceress. Llianna is a child of prophecy, and the Norns have woven her Fate with threads of dark and light, but all she wants is true love . . .

Readers' comments: 


This book was such a treat to read. I picked it up and couldn't put it down! I finished it in a day and half. The characters are interesting and well-developed. The storyline keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting to find out more as you become immersed in the world the authors have created. Excellent read and I can't wait for the second book.



When you're not reading A Song of Ice and Fire, pick this book up and you will find yourself just as lost! An amazingly well-written book! The song that inspired Kellianna to make it into a novel comes even more to life when you read the book. Highly recommended for anyone who loves fantasy, and anything having to do with ancient Scandinavian culture. I'm not even finished reading it yet and I'm ready for the next book in the series!



I loved it!!! Finished it too soon, could not put it down!!!! I cant wait til the second installment is out!!! You will not be dissappionted!!!!!

She Rises

Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spiritualty?


This book is a guidebook to the consciousness of the Great Goddess, the primordial consciousness of WE in S/HE, by contemporary Goddessians. The question, “Why Goddess Feminism, Activism, and Spirituality?” taken as the warp, is interwoven with the weft of the answers provided by 92 contributors from around the world. She Rises puts forth ever-unfolding patterns of Goddessian thoughts, experiences, and visions expressed through a variety of works including short writings, poems, essays, artworks, and research papers.



Readers' comments: 


This anthology is fearless, and addresses so many valuable issues. It has incredible writings & an awesome display of talent. I love all the artwork - so unique & very beautiful. This book should be labeled as a must - have in libraries around the world. Outstanding!  P Venable.


The anthology, She Rises, edited by Helen Hye-Sook Hwang and Kaalii Cargill is a powerful exploration of the Sacred Feminine, what She means to women’s lives, and why humanity and the planet need Her now. Its 468 pages include essays, poetry, and art from 92 women and men including Vicki Noble, Barbara Mor, Carol P. Christ, Starhawk, and Janine Canan. MJ Lively.


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